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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Elena Mihaela TILIBAȘA, Dumitru POPESCU, Corina BADEA, Florin Ștefan HORA, Gheorghe DĂRĂBUȘ

This report describes the evolution of Bluetongue for the first time in Romania. Serological surveillance has been performed since 2000 and entomological surveillance since 2005 for Bluetongue. Vectors belonging to C. obsoletus, C. pulicaris and C. nubeculosus complexes were identified but until 2014 this country was free of Bluetongue. On September 10th 2008, a Bluetongue outbreak on the Hungarian territory Forraytania determined the Romanian authorities to establish a surveillance zone in the North-Western part of Romania. In April 2009 Romania reported the negative results of monitoring actions carried out and asked the European Commission for lifting of restriction measures. First case of Bluetongue in Romania was confirmed on 22nd of August 2014 in county of Buzau, South- Eastern Romania. The BTV 4 serotype was identified and confirmed by the Institute for Diagnosis and Animal Health (IDAH). Around 4th of September the apparent morbidity rate increased up to 43.48% in cattle and 3.84 in sheep; the apparent mortality rate was 0.00% in cattle and 0.89% in sheep. By 22nd of September the apparent morbidity rate decreased to 14.18% in cattle and 2.07 in sheep while the apparent mortality rate was maintained to 0.00% in cattle and decreased to 0.07% in sheep. By the end of October Bluetongue has extended all over Romania. On 11th of November the rates for the apparent morbidity were 8.45% in cattle and 1.06 in sheep while the apparent mortality rate was 0.00% in cattle and 0.08% in sheep. The infected cases were confirmed using real-time PCR. No vaccination or treatment of affected animals was performed during this outbreak only control of insects, movement control of animals inside the country and disinfection. By the 2nd of December 2014 there were no new outbreaks to be reported in this country. Giving the situation N.S.V.F.S.A. decided that any new outbreak will be reported in the bi-annual reports. Comprising all the data collected shows that the approximate morbidity rate was 0.05% in cattle and 0.03% in sheep and the approximate mortality rate was 0.00% in cattle and 0.02% in sheep from the total number of animals in infected counties.

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