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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Aurel MUSTE, Marius MUSTE, Laura SCURTU, Andrei TĂNASE, Iulian ILIE, Loredana HODIS, Florin BETEG

Joint disease (osteoarthritis) is frequently encountered, with consequence over the health status of the animal. During the evolution of the disease there are present many inflammatory factors including interleukins, prostaglandins and metalloproteinases. In time, the activity of the patience is limited, the performance is reduced and the sclerosis of the subchondral bone appears, the inflammation of the synovial membrane and periarticular osteophytes. Concerning this status and effects, in our protocol we tried to appreciate the efficiency of ultrasounds in these inflammatory states. The observations were made on 15 dogs of different breeds, ages and sexes that presented osteoarthritis at the knee level of the hind limb. The parameters studied were the grade of the limping, the pain evaluation score, the degrees of mobility of the joint, etc. At the dogs studied, the protocol followed a intensity of 0,5w/cm², administered trough waves during 10 minutes/surface following a schedule of one session per day, five days in a row, followed by two days break and another five day treatment. To evaluate the efficiency of the ultrasounds, measurements of the joint mobility were made, by measuring the opening angle of the joint, the evolution of the limp and the evolution of the pain. Good results were observed after 3 months from the application of the procedures.

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