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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Larisa SCHUSZLER, Roxana DASCĂLU, Adelina PROTEASA, Daniel BUMB, Cornel IGNA

Between 01.01.2013-19.02.2015 in the Surgery clinic of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Timisoara 37 dogs were diagnosed with different stages of periodontal disease and treated. The treatment was dependent on the stage of disease evolution. Thus in the only case with stage of disease has been made dental cleaning with ultrasound unit followed by teeth polish with an abrasive paste. In patients with stage II of disease after ultrasonic scaling, performed supra- and subgingival, without gingivotomy, in periodontal pockets and tooth crown was applied a waxy barrier gel. At stage III and IV of disease, scaling was done initially using hand instrumentation afterwards with ultrasound unit. Even if periodontal pockets were deeper than 4 mm clearance technique used for subgingival curettage was closed. Vertical and horizontal defects of alveolar bone were put out easily, gingival recession and furcation exposure were obvious, teeth having first degree mobility in stage of installed periodontitis, and II or III degree of mobility in stage of advanced periodontitis. In these patients the dental mobility had imposed teeth extraction. When multiple dental units were extracted alveoloplasty was necessary. In the sockets iodoform powder was introduced and afterwards gum was sutured. Oral cavity antisepsis was performed with chlorhexidine spray and for antimicrobial therapy clindamicine or stomorgil were used for at least ten day and maximum two weeks.

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