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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Cristina FERNOAGĂ, Mario D. CODREANU, Mihai CORNILĂ, Raluca Teodora NAE, Radu CONSTANTINESCU

Diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs is a complicated illnes and its monitorisation is a chalLenge for the clinician. Thus, fructosamine indicates high level of blood glucose. The increased value of serum fructosamine is found in patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and it reflects the degree of glycaemic control, being useful for an objective and proper monitorisation. This parameter is much more accurate than the value of serum glucose level, especially when dealing with cats, due to the fact that in this type of patients the level of blood glucose can be affected by induced acute stress. This study includes 36 diabetic patients,19 dogs and 17 cats, from the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, in the past year, for which frutosamine has been determined. This has been conducted in order to asses quick changes in therapy and to improve glycaemic control.

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