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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Catalin MICSA, Dorin TOGOE, Andrei TANASE, Alexandru SONEA

Laparoscopic surgery gained a lot of field in human and veterinary medicine, replacing succesfully many invasive surgical techniques. Laparoscopic surgery presents several medical advantages, but equally has a high risk of bleeding accidents (rupture of the vascular pedicle, incorrect ligation or application of vascular clamps). The aim of the study was to illustrate the way to remedy this intraoperatory accidents. Research was carried out on 5 sows that were ovariectomized laparoscopically as an experimental model for human medicine. For addressing these accidents, it can be intervened with lavage (irrigation-aspiration), individualization of the vascular pedicle, pressure and clamping with metal clips or external ligatures in order to completely stop the bleeding. Our study showed the real capacity of this methods to control small and medium intensity haemorrhages, without having a negative impact on surgery outcome and recovery period.

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