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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Nicolae STARCIUC, Alexandru MANCIU, Svetlana BURTSEVA, Maxim BIRSA, Iulia BEREZIUC

An important part of chickens rising is feeding. A good nutrition is reflected in the bird's performance and its products. Actually the use of additives feed as immunostimulatory is in a great scale. For these reasons our investigations were aimed at studying the influence of metabolites of streptomycetes strains on the main indices of chicken’s productivity. Actinomycetes are a group of prokaryotic microorganisms with many important producers of biologically active substances known to wide application in human and veterinary medicine. In our experiments was used the dry biomass and exometabolites of streptomycetes which were administered to 3 groups of chickens since one day age respectively in combefeed a dry biomass - 1g/1kg and cultural liquid - 1ml/1 l in drinking water, daily. The duration of examination period was 70 days. From each group of chickens periodically were sampled blood to investigate the total serum protein, albumins and cholesterol. As a results was established that the total protein in blood serum of experimental groups chickens I and II which was feed with streptomycetes biomass and cultural liquid in drinking water, at the age of 15 days was 31,23 and 30,53 g /l compared with 28,83 g /l on chickens from the control group, respectively albumins was 13,67 g/l compared with 12,33 g / l in the control chickens group, and cholesterol was 4,63 and 4,3 g/l on chickens in groups I and II compared with 4,5 g/l on chickens from the control group. The obtaining results show that the metabolites of streptomycetes has the stimulatory effect to some blood biochemical indexes of chickens.

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