Scientific Works Series C. Veterinary Medicine

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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Iudith IPATE, Alexandru BOGDAN, Simona IVANA, Nicolae IPATE, Lucian ALECU, Janos SEREGI, Janos TOSSENBERGER

An anthropozoonotic agent whose circulation is mainly determined affects the food complex managerial concerns. In the last 10 years Romania reported over 788,000 foods borne illness associated. The cost of medical therapies has increased considerably as determined by laboratory investigations for accurate etiological required. New rules were adopted security strategy taking into account the movement of aggressive agents and their potential contaminating the food. The pragmatic complex factors of ecosanogenesis contributing to the interdisciplinary vision in relation: human - product – nature. Redesigning techniques and technology, and management will lead to gradual replacement of the current economic guidelines with other levers that converge for example by minimal pollution, but also to the prices of raw materials and stimulating savings, reduction of energy consumption etc. Meeting the nutritional and sanitary quality requirements must adapt to new regulations to ensure consumer prerequisite – compliance. Enhancing food movement - national, regional, global - through trade creates new opportunities contaminant level amplification and diversification of pathogens.

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