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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Iulia CRÎNGANU, Raluca NEGREANU, Dan CRÎNGANU

The medical saying states " it is easier to prevent than to cure " thus there are many ways to prevent and the easiest way is with proper nutrition which can prevent , delay or even stop the development of cancers in humans and animals . Reducing risk factors with a balanced diet ( without pesticides and artificial preservatives ) , drinking clean water , adequate amounts of antioxidant supplementation with vitamins and minerals and regular physical activity can prevent cancer. Protein malnutrition is usually associated with neoplastic disease , represented by what is called neoplastic cahexie which is the result of cumulating a deficiency in terms of the amount of protein and calories associated with metabolic effects induced by cancer. The cytostatic disease is a complex of pathological syndromes induced by chemotherapy medication that affects the whole body without discrimination. The whole complex of symptoms that appear due to chemotherapy was called ,,The cytostatic disease" by analogy with the disease caused by irradiation. Cahexia as paraneoplastic syndrome overlaps metabolic and immunological effects induced by chemotherapy, the detoxification and rebuilding of the cancerous body becoming a vital goal. Administration of both conventional detox agents and unconventional therapeutic products tested on dogs and cats with various forms of cancer such as PI Water ( ionized and structured ) and deuterium depleted water or DDW. Proper nutrition and balanced protein - carbohydrate - lipid is able to prevent tumor growth but also to improve the quality and duration of life for both human and animal patients with cancer.

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