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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Cornel IGNA, Roxana DASCALU, Larisa SCHUSZLER, Daniel BUMB, Adelina PROTEASA

This study used radiographic techniques to evaluate the Insall Salvati index (ratio of the length of the patellar ligament to the length of the patella - L:P) to compare the verticality patellar position at small-medium and large breed dogs that were grouped in healthy dogs, dogs with patellar luxation and with cranial cruciate ligament ruptures. Except for the based on L:P ratio measurement at small-medium breed dogs and in large-breed there was no difference among the groups. In large large-breed dogs the LPL is associated with patella baja. No statistically significant differences of L:P ratio between dogs affected or unaffected with cranial cruciate ligament rupture are reported Further studies using other imaging techniques are required in small and large-breed dogs with patella luxation (LPL and MPL).

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