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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Valentin NICORESCU, Alexandra NEAGU, Maria CRIVINEANU, Camelia PAPUC, Corina PREDESCU

Nowadays, veterinarian’s activity takes place in a highly dynamic and changing environment; thus, the managers of economic units having as main activity the sale of veterinary products should have leadership and organizational qualities that allow them to develop a successful business in a competitive environment. The purpose of this study was to highlight the main aspects related to veterinary pharmaceutical units supply, and the manner in which price management is done. The study was conducted in 25 veterinary pharmaceutical units (pharmacies and pharmaceutical points) in Bucharest and consisted of a market survey in order to identify the factors that influence supply, the criteria by which suppliers are selected, rhythm and mode of supply, as well as aspects related to stocks’ management and control, pricing criteria, markup and its influencing factors. The results showed that the supply of veterinary pharmaceutical units is typically performed daily or weekly and is influenced by season, prices and profitable offers from suppliers. In an overwhelming percentage, veterinary pharmaceutical units’ stocks are electronically managed by using software that facilitates staff’s work, and most of the surveyed veterinary pharmaceutical units keep a safety stock. The most important factors that influence price levels are mainly represented by the competition, discounts, offers and benefits from suppliers, and the most common markup for veterinary pharmaceutical units is between 20-50%. Following the studies, it was concluded that modern management and marketing principles related to the supply, stocks and prices are properly applied in the surveyed veterinary pharmaceutical units

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