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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXI
Written by Elvira GUBCEAC ,Liviu GAITA, Paul GAGNIUC, Manuella MILITARU

The functional status of adypocites is reflected in their morphology and is directly related to the metabolic state of the individual. Here, we investigate if fractal analysis is useful in highlighting the impact on adipocytes of progressive exposure to a hypercaloric diet. A total of 18 NMRI mice were assigned to 3 groups: control group (C), obesity induced by hypercaloric diet at one (M1) and two months (M2). Samples from mesenteric, omental, perirenal and inguinal subcutaneous adipose tissue samples were collected from each subject and analyzed through fractal dimension (FD) method. Within the performance range of current medical tests, FD showed differences between M1 and C (area below ROC curve > 0.9), as well as between M2 and C. Data collected from the inguinal subcutaneous site provided a statistical distinction between M2 and M1 (area below ROC curve 0.714). Thus, we concluded that FD represents a reliable method for identifying the smallest changes in the adipose tissue morphology.

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