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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 19 ISSUE 3
Written by Iudith IPATE, Alexandru POP, Smaranda TOMA, A.T. BOGDAN, G.F. TOBA, Eugenia SOVAREL

The main objectives of this paper are the description of hunting funds from Maramures region, analysis of wild stocks in the study area and to identify specific biodiversity of the region with the use of modern tools for monitoring wildlife in the forest seven funds. It also seeks regional wildlife biodiversity assessment and implementation of prospective studies on the development of wildlife biodiversity in the region studied. Methods used for the study of the biodiversity of this paper are: species richness, heterogeneity, anthropogenic factor. Also, we used appropriate methodology for calculating the indicators used in accordance with the generally recognized internationally. As a method for determining the regional wildlife biodiversity systematic study has used cross methods, aiming issues, phenomena and processes at a time and longitudinal methods, seeking processes, while issues. After the number of units taken so we used both statistical methods and methods casuistry (case study, monograph, etc.). Methods of data collection was mainly quantitative, it is an objective method, deductive and generalized in the period of 2 year (2011- 2012). -The forestry funds Cisla, Bistra Petrova and Chioarului Valley, fauna biocenosis is the largest heterogeneity in the studied area. The heterogeneity of the largest deer is the smallest Bistra Petrova is Ruscova forest resources (Simpson index). Equitability highest recorded in the hunting Remetea. The animal genetic resources far exceeds their current use because they provide options for the future, a species of wild animals, which is of little importance today can be extremely valuable in the future to improve specific traits of resistance to diseases, adjustment,

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