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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 19 ISSUE 3
Written by Carmen JECAN, Laurentiu STOICESCU, Crina CORBEANU, Marian MIHAIU

The purpose of this research was to explore the impact of lifestyle, genetic predisposition and metabolic risk factors on the incidence of cardiovascular disease, given the fact that economic reasons must emphasize with inexpensive measures that have impact on health status. The research was based on a medical questionnaire about lifestyle, diet habits and personal history of the disease in patients with or without clinical signs of cardiovascular diseases. All the respondents identified with atherosclerotic damage were associated with the following risk factors: physical inactivity (13%), high body mass index (15%), family history (15%), history of hypertension (17%), frequent consumption of at least five types of unhealthy food (20%). At 89% of patients who completed the questionnaire was identified the combination of at least three risk factors. From the total of five cardiovascular risk factors, one cannot be changed (family history), one can be modified by drug therapy and through lifestyle changes (hypertension) and the other three could be eliminated through inexpensive methods, by changing everyday behaviour, which can be achieved with a minimum cost to society. A healthy diet was correlated only with the subclinical form of the disease thus its role seems important in preventing disease rather than in healing. Besides dietary risk factors, cardiovascular diseases were influenced in a cumulative way by socio-economic, behavioural and biological factors.

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