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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 19 ISSUE 4
Written by Ionut Razvan DOBRE

Ordinance no.2/2000 with the subsequent modifications and completations, defines and regulates the activity of extrajudicial expertise transposing the Directive 2005/36/CE of European Parliament and of the Concil of the European, regarding the recognition of professional qualification. This activity is performed by technical extrajudicial experts, who acquire this quality based on an exam organized by the ministries or other central institutions, by specialized areas, based on the regulation elaborated by these. The study was performed through the anlysis of the legal regulations in force concerning the technical extrajudicial expertise using grammatical, sistematyc, logical methods and analogy, in order to highlight the importance of this activity for specialists in food industry, veterinary medicine and not only. Specializations of technical expertise are provided by the nomenclature of technical judicial expertise specialization, approved through Ordinance 199/C/2010 of the minister of justice. According to him, were added to the specializations provided in the applicattion of technical judicial experts from 2009, specializations provided by the nomenclature of the universitary education specialisations, specializations provided in framework regulatory laws of some activities or professinos. Also were established specializations taken from the practice of extrajudicial expertise and also specializations required by the court or other organs with jurisdictional attributions. Besides the fact that unify the legislation in the field, the current regulation separate the extrajudicial expertise by the judicial one establishing the situations when the extrajudicial expert may contribute to the implementation of the law.

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