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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 19 ISSUE 4
Written by DOJANA (BALACEANU), Rosalie Adina, Iuliana CODREANU, N. CORNILA

In this work it was determined the effect of 20-day-period of administration of soy protein enriched forage on the chemical composition of rabbit skeletal muscle. Analysis revealed changes in the muscle composition on the contents of fat, protein, minerals and water. Thus, it was found: - a relatively constant fat content of meat, varying from 1.86% (control) to 1.98%, respectively, 1.90% depending on the degree of vegetable protein food supplement; - increasing meat protein content values of 22.50% and, respectively, 22.9%, compared to 20.12% in control; - corresponding decrease in water content and mineral salts. Water content of meat from groups fed with forage enriched in vegetable protein amounted to 73.66% and, respectively, 73.25% in the two groups supplemented with protein in forage, and 75.35% in control. Mineral salt content of meat from protein supplemented groups was 1.86% and, respectively, 1.95% and in the control, of 2.67%.Also, the pH of the meat immediately after slaughter and meat ultimate pH were higher in rabbits fed with protein enriched forage compared to control.Histological analyzes revealed a smoothing of the tissue structure, with an increase of the fast glycolytic fiber proportion.

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