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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LIX (1)
Written by Florin Catalin MLAGIU, Alin BIRTOIU

In the past decades, the downsize of the fertility in the milk cows stock farm has become a more and more acute problem. This downsize being caused by a series of factors and reasons such as: genetic improving, inadequate nutrition (deficient or excessive diet), deficient management of reproduction, raise of diseases rate due to immunity abasement, growth technology wrongly applied and the overall well-being of the animal. In the paper the following are presented: causes, etiology, cause-related mechanisms of under and over feeding, vitamins and minerals substances deficient, involved in causes which determine nutritional infertility. Of the highest importance is ensuring the corresponding proportion of each feeding principle. Cows with large milk production are predisposed to genitalia diseases due to metabolic overload. In zootechnical exploitations over 60% of the infertility cases are due to unbalanced diets, so that the protein deficiency from food disturbs the hypothalamic-hypophyseal activity, which leads to the deficit of gonadotropic hormones creation, causing hypoesthesia, apparition, anovular heat. Infertility determined by insufficient energetic substances: the lack of fibrous from food causes the decrease of inferior vermilion fat acids, which are the base for steroid hormone synthesis. Infertility caused by the lack of Vitamin A occurs by the retention of fetal tectorium, uterine under growth, anovular heat apparition. The Vitamin D insufficiency can cause dysgravidism. Vitamin E insufficiency can cause placental degenerative processes. Also, Vitamin C is involved in stress related annihilation problems. Microelements insufficiency such as: Mg,P,Ca,Na,K,Cl,S,Fe,Mn,Cu,Zn, will cause several affections such as: anovular heat set up, luteal cysts, placental retentions, uterine involution, anoestrum, weak or ailing conception products.

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