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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LIX (1)
Written by Niculae TUDOR, Constantin VLĂGIOIU, Adrian COMÂRZAN, Adriana ALISTAR

The lameness associated with pain localized within acropodial region is common in horses, which enforces the use of radiological equipment in tracking changes in bone level as well as in adjacent soft tissues level. The most common acropodial diseases are represented by traumatic processes, followed by degenerative and infectious, which can evolve acute or chronic. The purpose of this study was describing semiological aspects noticed in radiological examination of acropodial region in horses. Radiographic images from animals with acropodial diseases were selected and examined inside the radiology clinic inside the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. The assessment of radiological images has revealed changes in acropodial level in 7 horses, ages varying between 8 months and 11 years, of which 4 males and 3 females. Acropodial changes were represented by 3 cases with middle phalanx fracture and the rest with: distal interphalangeal luxation, degenerative processes of the proximal interphalangeal joint, hoof wall exongulation, proliferative processes in middle phalanx.

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