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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 4
Written by Loredana Mihaela Vasile ,Al. Şonea , A. Bartoiu ,I.Radoi ,Catalina Posea

Temperature is the key factor to maintain thermal homeostasis at warm-blooded animals. High temperature is a constant factor that influences reproduction at sows,where were found disturbances in the ovary, egg, embryo and fetus. Existence of critical periods in reproductive process is more vulnerable to heat stress than others. Excessive temperature of over 25 ° C,induce sows great harm materialized in weight loss during lactation, metabolic compensation efforts, reduced fertility, lactation capacity, the extension of prolificacy and unproductive. Is also worth mentioning that there was a decrease in voluntary food intake. Ambient temperature in the roof shelter of sows is recommended to be secured around 20 ° C, where maintenance is done in individual piggery without bedding. Where is necessary to ensure bedding, temperature may be lower. In conclusion, the temperature has an important role in improving reproduction indicators.

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