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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 3
Written by Ilie L.I., Tudor L., Furnaris F., Galiş Anca-Maria

The research has been conducted in order to determine the values of main chemical components in goat meat and establish a link between animal age and the values of these parameters. Age groups considered in the study have been goatling and adult goats. Samples were collected in 2012 from an approved European slaughterhouse involved in intra-authorized veterinary trade, fulfilling all specific legal requirements. For determinations were used following methods: moisture content by drying in an oven, protein content by Kjeldahl method, total fat content used Soxhlet extraction unit and ash percentage was determined by using calcination method. The mean values for the results obtained from the measurements made were: 77,6% moisture for goatling to 73,5% for adults goats,14,8% protein for goatling to 19,8% for adults, 1,74% fat for goatling and 2,88% for adults, 1,14% ash for goatling to 1,52% for adults goats samples. As it can be seen, as age increases, the major components with important nutritional role occupy a higher share of the goat carcass, resulting in superior technological and organoleptic characteristics compared to the slaughtered youth.

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